New twist on old clothes


Anthony Barney and Magan Leiterman

In the crowded store, senior Regina Arujo-Pedroza sorts through the organized clothing sections as she searches for her next great find.

“It’s very exciting to find something old,” senior Pedroza said. “When I’m able to wear it and revive it, it makes it worthwhile.”
This is something some people are not bothered with. Digging for the stuff many are expecting to find takes a while, which can become time consuming. Most of the time it can be worth the effort to find these nice clothes and thrifting can be more fun to some because the thrill of finally finding something that they want feels rewarding.

Buying used clothing is nothing new, as many people donate their hand-me-downs to thrift stores such as Salvation Army and Goodwill across the country. Thrift stores are for people in need of cheaper clothing in exceptional condition. They are strictly non profit, so clothes and all other items have been donated by other people. People tend to donate clothes more often than one might think.

“We have hourly donations, they come all day,” Saint Vincent de Paul employee Kim said. “On an average day we have about 27 cars and 77 drop-offs.”

With all these drop-offs, come a fresh stock of new opportunity. A new opportunity to pick out some clothes you like. Some people thrift for the recent trends at a lower price, which is something that has become more popular in recent years with certain styles coming and going.

“I feel like the current style portrayed is definitely 90’s,” senior Victoria Leach said.

Thrifting has definitely been put into the spotlight by social media influencers, who show off their thrifted outfit and post them on their social media accounts.

“All social media websites have these styles,” Leach said, “although, I find a lot of my style on Instagram.”

As trendy clothing items bought by others usually end up at thrift stores when they aren’t wanted anymore, but they aren’t always so easy to find. Thrift stores are mostly clothing based, but they get lots of other donations such as children’s toys, electronics, books, kitchenware and decor. They sometimes even have equipment and knick-knacks that are not easily accessible any longer, which is also another cool thing about thrift stores to some.

“One person’s trash,” principal Thomas Lietz said, “is another person’s treasure.”

Thrifting makes it easier for some people with certain styles to find clothes they are looking for. Since a majority of things donated to thrift stores are older, it’s easier to find things that have a vintage feel to them such as clothes and accessories. It’s also easy for people who just want normal clothes to find too, as well as shoes being displayed.

Each store varies in the collection of items, which is to be expected. Although this may be the circumstance most times, there’s always the chance that the same object can be found in a differing thrift store.

“I went through every shirt they had,” junior Alaina Mancini said. “When I found it, I was overjoyed and it now is my favorite shirt.”

Though thrifting doesn’t always turn out to be successful, many feel that it is a better way to get new clothes, create new looks, and feel good wearing them.