TikTok creates new trends for teens


Parker Hopkins

Seniors Morgan Nugent, Alyssa Barocio, and Dez LaCourse dressed up as E-boys for Meme Day on Sept. 25.

Wilhelmina Viviano and Parker Hopkins

Senior Sydney Drewes is walking down the hall with her trusty hydroflask in hand. Her hair is in a messy bun and scrunchies cover her wrists. Drewes is considered what many know as a ‘VSCO girl.’

Many students know of the trends made famous by the infamous app called TikTok. The VSCO girls and the e-boys are the two main styles created by the users.

An e-boy is often identified by dark clothing, dangle earrings, and dyed hair. It’s a style that has come back a few times over the years. Vans, Doc Martens, and Converse are the shoes often worn, along with chains and belts to accessorize.

“They are the new toned down version of emo,” senior Hana Jones said. “They are just using self expression through clothing.”

E-boys are known to shop at Zumiez, play Minecraft, and make TikToks. While some may find these activities weird or not interesting, others don’t care what people think of them.

“I just wear what I want to and do what I want,” senior Kyle Pavlovski said. “I guess what I do and how I decide to dress makes me an e-boy, but it’s not a bad thing; it’s just style preferences.”

VSCO girls are almost the opposite to e-boys, as they have a lighter aesthetic. Where the e-boy is dark and edgy, VSCO girls are brighter and softer in comparison. They are very different from each other but both were created by users on the same app.

Someone who is labeled as VSCO is typically seen with a hydroflask, metal straws, scrunchies and a shell necklace. They can often be overheard talking about saving the turtles.

“I like the style of VSCO girls,” Drewes said. “I fit some of the characteristics because I dress the way I dress.”

Fitting some of the characteristics may earn one the label of ‘e-boy’ or ‘VSCO girl.’

Being able to pull fashion from others help create new trends and trends create a stereotype. It is the confidence that attracts people to these labels and it makes people want to fall under that category.

Style preferences come with labels from others. People are following the trend and are now labeled as VSCO girls or e-boys.