NHS holds tapping ceremony


Parker Hopkins

NHS members were treated to a catered breakfast following the tapping ceremony.

Nina Andrianos, Online Reporter

Recently, acceptance letters for those who made National Honor Society were sent out to each student. All members were required to attend the first meeting on Oct. 8. At this meeting, members got to learn more about what is required to be part of the club and all of the fun things that come along with it. All members must complete 25 service hours and 10 tutor hours throughout the school year.

“This year I plan on completing my service hours at Monfort elementary school,” senior Sabrina Merandi said. “I use to go there and is close to my house.”

Many members like to go back to their junior high and elementary schools to complete their required hours.

“I decided to tutor at Wiley for my hours,” junior Emma Lelito said. “I thought it would be fun to go help the kids at the elementary school I used to go to.”

On Oct.  25, there was a special breakfast held in the cafeteria during 1st and 2nd hour to congratulate all the new and returning members of National Honor Society. On the day of the breakfast, new members received diplomas to welcome them into the club. Many students also got dressed up for the event and principal Thomas Lietz made an appearance to give a speech to the students.

“My favorite part of the breakfast was the speech Mr. Lietz gave,” junior Dylan Cubitt said. “It made me realize how much of an accomplishment it is to be in NHS.”

Students will gain many skills and will become better students and leaders from being part of the National Honor Society.