Nintendo’s ‘Mario Kart’ comes to iOS


The loading screen for the Mario Kart Tour app.

Cameron Smale, Managing Editor

Many fans of “Mario Kart” can now enjoy the classic game on their iPhones. “Mario Kart Tour” was released on the App Store on Sept. 26.

Nintendo has, in the past, stayed away from the App Store and been exclusive to gaming consoles such as the Wii and the Nintendo DS, but now they have expanded their platforms.

In “Mario Kart Tour,” players are given a default kart and character and gradually build themselves up. Players can unlock new characters and karts by progressing and earning trophies for winning on different courses.

There are two different play styles in “Mario Kart Tour:” the normal turn style and the drift set-up. The normal style is easier to control, but is weaker when it comes to turning. The drift set-up allows players to boost off of every turn, but normal turns are disabled, meaning players who choose the drift option can only drift.

There are also four options for how much of a challenge players want. First, there is the 50 cc option. This is for players who are just starting out and need to get the hang of the game. Next, there is the 100 cc option,which is still on the easier side, but provides the players with more of a challenge by making the opponents faster. After that, there is 150 cc. This mode is for the more experienced players who want to test their skill level. Finally there is the 200 cc option, which gives players the maximum difficulty, making opponents way faster than on any other setting.

“I love winning and getting first place because it will level my character up,” senior Madi Davis said. “My favorite character to use is Toadette.”

After 130 years of Nintendo, the company has decided to expand their horizons. This will allow for Nintendo to work with other brands and create growth within the company, as well as encourage more people to play their games.

Many Nintendo fans have been waiting for this game. Those who do not have a Wii or DS have anticipated this to happen for a very long time.

“‘Mario Kart Tour’ is really fun because I can play it wherever I want since it’s a mobile game,” sophomore Ethan Smale said. “My favorite character to play as is Pauline because she has a sick power up.”

This app allows way more people to play “Mario Kart” on a different platform. Many players have called this game long overdue. With the game’s growing popularity comes a ton of positive reviews.

“My favorite character to play with is Bowser,” senior David Potter said. “My favorite part about the game is using all of the different abilities to win first place.”

This game is taking over the App Store with its 5 star rating. The game is currently number one in the action category on the App Store and has over 512,000 ratings.

Players can race to get to the top of the leader board and compare with friends to see who is the best. The game is online, meaning friends can compete for bragging rights and player rank.

This game is free to play with optional in-game purchases. “Mario Kart Tour” is compatible with iOS products as of the time of the game being released.