The fall of vape nation.

The state of Michigan has had enough problems in the past few years with the illegal use of vapes. They have finally decided to ban flavored vape cartridges, except for flavors like menthol and tobacco.

Vapes were originally designed to stop people from smoking by providing a better alternative. The problem is that vaping is illegal for minors. Unfortunately and obviously, we don’t believe this is stopping anyone from doing it.

The big issue causing younger people to try vaping is that these flavors have been specifically targeted toward them. A 40 year old guy is not going to be seen with a cotton candy flavored, or a Froot Loops flavored, vape. We think it is very ignorant to say that these flavors were made for the adult target market.

The vape companies should make vapes as similar to cigarettes as possible. People who don’t smoke think that smoking is unhealthy and dangerous. If these vapes mimic the same taste as a cigarette then this will, in turn, drive the younger crowd and non-smokers away from vaping.

In our opinion, it is far more likely that someone will gratefully accept a hit off of a friend’s vape than for someone to take a drag off of somebody’s cigarette.

As kids, we have been conditioned our entire lives to know that smoking is a nasty habit that should never be started in the first place. This new vape flavor law will make vaping taste the same as a cigarette.

Our staff is thankful that we will no longer have to deal with the constant restroom traffic jams caused by the groups of addicted teens sitting in the stalls passing around a vape just so they can “get that buzz before class.”

We are not naive enough to believe this will completely eliminate the use of vapes by non-smokers and younger people, but it sure should help. This new vaping law might also encourage people to quit vaping and start making better decisions that won’t result in permanent damage to our lungs.

We do agree that vaping can be great for people who wish to quit smoking. The problem is that vaping actually makes people four times more likely to take up smoking cigarettes. We think this has a lot to do with the target market being the youth. This is a huge issue.

You know it’s a problem when people who fell victim to the heath risks start speaking up about the dangers of vapes. Teenagers who have been effected by this growing illness are warning others to stop before it affects them, as well. This should be a wake up call to any current vapers to look at what they are putting their bodies through. It’s unhealthy and needs to stop.

Vaping has shown to affect people’s lungs and their heart. There have also been claims of vaping causing crystalized or ‘glass-like shards’ in people’s lungs. There is speculation that it is the chemicals within the vapes that is causing people to fall ill. There is also a possibility of vaping causing the development of cancerous tumors, and even death.

With all of this information made public, why take the risk? It’s common sense that vapes are not a good health choice and people should not try to hide the fact that their bodies will be damaged for the rest of their lives by using them. If the vaping laws have any effect on stopping vaping, it will be beneficial to teenagers in the sense that it will stop them from the increased risk of smoking cigarettes. This is the necessary fall of Vape Nation.