Vending machines offer vast choices

Piper Halbhuber

Many students know of the vending machines in the hallways of Utica High school, the large machines just around the corners of the cafeteria and auditorium. These vending machines consist of the very popular snacks such as Cheetos and Cheez-Its, but that’s not all there is to offer.

A majority of the options in the vending machines near the cafeteria consist of Pop-Tarts, Lays chips, Doritos, Sun Chips, Cookies, Nature Valley bars, Welch’s fruit snacks and multiple candy bar options. Although there aren’t as many machines near the auditorium, the vending machines still have all the same options as the machines near the cafeteria.

Many students stop at the vending machines to buy snacks and drinks, for a cheap price, too. Most of the items are only one dollar, and sometimes just one snack is all a person needs. The vending machines also offer drinks for students to purchase.

“I purchase drinks from the vending machines,” junior Andrew Kerby said, “I usually buy either two things, the lemonade or blue Gatorade.”

There are multiple drink options that you could buy from the vending machines. These drinks could be Starbucks drinks, Monster energy drinks, Coca-Cola, and Dr Pepper. There are also healthier drink options like plain water and Vitamin-Water. Kerby claimed he usually only spends two dollars when he visits the vending machines to buy his drinks, because he buys things for other people, too.

“I have Aspen,” Kerby said, “who usually buys the blue Gatorade, as well.”

Junior Aspen Halbhuber and Kerby go to the vending machines often. When they go to the vending machines, they are sometimes crowded. There are four machines that are all in the same corner of the hallway, and many students like to buy their snacks and drinks there. Often times it could become busy during passing time and lunch. Sometimes it depends where and when you go to a specific machine. And, since some machines are so busy all the time, you might just find your favorite snacks out of stock.

“Depends on which vending machines you go to. By the weight room, usually the wait is quick and easy as there is no one there, as by the lunch room the wait is usually around 1-5 minutes,” Kerby said. “Also, I’ve never seen my favorite snacks out of stock. They are restocked too often to be out of stock.”

Sophomore Halayna Hills occasionally buys items from the vending machines, like Kerby and Halbhuber. She states that unlike Kerby, she often sees her favorite items out of stock. These items are snacks like Goldfish and Hot Cheetos, along with Gold Peak iced tea from the drink machines.

“My friends also get iced tea and Hot Cheetos when we go to the vending machines,” Hills said. “We go to the vending machines a lot.”

The vending machines are very popular across the school, whether students go to the auditorium vending machines, or the ones nearest to the cafeteria. People like to have their favorite snacks and drinks for class, lunch, or after school. However, if you are just looking for snacks and drinks during lunch, you don’t even have to leave the lunch room.

“There are multiple snacks to buy from the cafeteria,” senior Samantha Dudek said. “Many are the same as what you’d find in the vending machines.”

Wherever snacks are bought, the people purchasing the snacks are happy. Whether they are from the vending machines or lunchroom, you can still get your favorites.