Warrior, Arrow editors attend TEDx Detroit

Warrior, Arrow editors attend TEDx Detroit

Cameron Smale, Managing Editor

Rob Paulsen is a famous voice actor with a long career of well-known characters.
J Chris Newberg is a famous Detroit-born comedian who has been featured on many talk shows.

On Nov. 10, the Warrior and Arrow staff were invited to TEDx Detroit. These students were given a scholarship to attend this very exclusive event. TEDx Detroit only happens once every year.

“I was super excited that we were awarded scholarships to attend TEDx Detroit,” teacher Stacy Smale said. “It was an amazing day filled with motivating ideas and we all had a great time in the city.”

This event gave its audience the opportunity to meet a diverse group of leaders with a wide variety of ideas and presentations. The performances ranged from motivational speeches to comedy to music and much more.

A lot of famous people attended TEDx Detroit such as Rob Paulsen, a very famous voice actor. Many people know him as Carl Weezer, from Jimmy Neutron; Snuffles, from Rick and Morty; just to name a few.

Also attending was Detroit comedian, J Chris Newberg with his politically incorrect jokes. He has performed on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, Comedy Central and a few other shows.

“I thought TEDx was an exiting experience. It was not only a chance to get away from the stress at school,” senior Dominic Lount said, “but it was also interesting to hear all of the speakers’ stories. It was very motivating and makes me want to take advantage of my life and do something special.”

Overall, the Warrior and Arrow staffs agree that this trip was a positive experience that was definitely a highlight of the year.