New club created for future first responders


Mackenzie Olmstead and Magan Leitermann

Growing up with his dad serving as a Macomb County Sheriff, sophomore Joey Perry always knew he wanted to be a police officer. A member of the county jail’s Explorer’s Program, he knew there was something more the school could do to educate students interested in a career in law enforcement or medical emergency treatment.

“I was just sitting there,” Perry said, “and I thought, ‘there’s nothing like this.’”

After the club was given official approval, Perry designed the Future First Responders Club logo (see right), recruited fellow sophomores Dylan Hadfield and Gordon Frandle to help lead the club, and posted information.

“All meetings will be right after school in Mr. Carlin’s room.” Perry said. “It will be every other Thursday for two hours.”

The introductory meeting, sponsored by Shelby Township Police Resource Officer Jake Lukas, was held on Thursday, Nov. 14.

The first meeting brought in students interested in careers such as police, EMS and even orthopedic surgery. Senior Cameron Smale, who is interested in working for the FBI as an agent, was one of groups new members.

“It seems pretty organized,” Smale said. “I really like that it’s run by students with experience and plans for meetings, and also that Officer Lukas is involved. He’s one of the main administrators.”

In the first meeting, attendees were told what types of things they will learn during their time spent in the club and how to use it in the work field.

“They showed us video footage of certain incidents,” Smale said. “They talked about how you learn to handle different situations–domestic situations and stuff like that.”

The club will also have speakers present to talk about what their occupation is like and how things are done.

“It was a fun first meeting for sure,” sophomore Jonah Cross said. “I’m looking forward to all the things we’ll be doing, especially the car accident scenarios and lein checks.”

Perry was happy with the turnout for the first meeting, and hopes more students will join.

“It’s an open invite,” Perry said. “Students can come whenever they want.”

The next meeting will be after school on Thursday, Dec. 5. Tours, speakers, and “learning the basics of being a first responder,” according to Perry, are on the agenda.