Makeup highlights by student beauty gurus



Junior Madisyn Vargason’s favorite part of doing makeup looks is putting eyelashes on. Her favorite beauty influencer is Nicol Concilio. “Not only is she very talented on natural glam makeup and artsy makeup, but she is one of the last kind hearted, non-dramatic beauty influencers in that community.” Vargason said. “I look up to her.”

Mackenzie Olmstead, Editor

In a world full of creativity, art, and social media influencers, somewhere in the middle there is all sorts of makeup. As of right now, it’s 2019, which means we have sources to learning almost anything and everything, and we have people who make a career out of teaching it. YouTube is a website widely known across the globe for videos about things like how to make stuff. Some videos become viral trends and become extremely popular, especially among young viewers and among those trends is beauty videos.

Beauty videos are anything from tutorials to glam lookbooks, These videos are such a hit they have become a whole community of creators and viewers. The beauty community craze has inspired many, many people with their tutorials, teaching people how to have fun with makeup.

Junior Madisyn Vargason is a participant in doing makeup looks.

“I’d say my favorite thing about my makeup routine would be putting on eyelashes, even though it’s a pain in the butt to put them on,” Vargason said. “I’ll do a simple look and I’m all pretty, but when I put those eyelashes on I’m like ‘BAM, who is she?’”

Like Vargason, senior Magan Leitermann also loves applying eyelashes.

“My favorite thing to do with makeup is lashes,” Leitermann said. “Literally if you’re eyebrows are nice, just wearing lashes or having lash extensions will make you feel like you have makeup on.”

Junior Brynnlee Felice’s favorite part of applying makeup is eyeshadow.

“My favorite part about doing my makeup would have to be eyeshadow,” Felice said. “There are so many different creative approaches and outcomes with only a few things.”

Some people started getting involved in makeup fairly recently, while others have used it for many years.

“I’ve been experimenting with makeup since I was little, but it really started when I was 10,” Vargason said. “It was terrible; I did black all over my eyelid. It was a mess.”

No matter how long people have participated in makeup wearing, everyone has to start somewhere.

Junior Tania Garcia Hernandez began with mascara.

“I started off using mascara first,” Garcia Hernandez said. “Once I turned 13, my mom got me an eyeshadow palette for Christmas, and I started using that as well, with mascara.”

The beauty community has also been a good step in paving the path for members of the LGBTQ community, who want to experiment in makeup. It has raised awareness and acceptance. James Charles is a well known beauty guru, and was also the first boy to be signed as to the CoverGirl campaign in 2016. Another male who is big in beauty is Jeffree Star, who recently had a makeup collaboration with popular Youtuber Shane Dawson.

Some female beauty influencers include Tati Westbrook, and Jaclyn Hill. Beauty influencers can be very inspirational in getting people interested in new things like how they do their makeup, and introuducing them to products viewer’s otherwise might not have tried.

Garcia Hernandez’ favorite beauty influencer is Mireya Mua.

“She’s from Detroit,” Garcia Hernandez said. “Watching her videos inspired me to start doing eyeshadow looks.”

Junior Davan Palmer’s favorite influencer is not specifically known for her makeup.

“There’s the beauty influencers that everyone sees,” Palmer said. “But for me specifically, I like how Ruby Rose does her makeup.”