Athletes increase their speed through club


Aspen Halbhuber

Junior Allison Mispelon dashes down the hall to increase her running time during speed club training.

Aspen Halbhuber, Online Reporter

Some may say that trying to increase sprinting times is very hard to do. However, Speed Club has already helped a number of athletes varying in sports, or students looking to run faster, do just that.

Speed Club is an after school club run by track and cross country coach Chris Scott. The club meets up twice a week for around 45 minutes to an hour. Each session starts out with several coordinated, high-energy drills, and then ends with three to five 40-yard runs which are automatically timed. Runs are recorded and then published in the wrestling room.

“The goal of Speed Club is to provide athletes with an opportunity to sprint at maximum speed–something rarely achieved in practices,” Scott said. “It’s nice to see how each person progresses, too.”

Though Speed Club may seem to be mainly aimed toward athletes, everyone is welcome to join.

The club can help in any sport, whether it be football, track or baseball. Speed is a universal quality in most sports.

“Who wins the race to a ball first: the athlete who can run up to 18mph or the athlete who can run up to 20mph?” Scott said. “I would think the latter.”

Scott loves coaching, and students involved in the club say he is super helpful to everyone trying to make progress. Students within the club agree that he is the right person running it.

“Coach Scott is definitely a great coach, role model and someone I look up to,” junior club co-captain Allison Mispelon said. “He truly is dedicated to running and helping us as much as possible to achieve our goals and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

Speed Club is found beneficial for a number of participants, including junior club co-captain Cody Bartlett.

“I think Speed Club is a great way to get ready for sports and become a better athlete,” Bartlett said. “Speed Club is definitely benefiting me, it’s making me stronger and faster for this upcoming track season.”

Those who join also get to socialize with other students who share the same interests as them.

“My favorite thing is that I get to help and meet a lot of new people of all grades and watch them get better each practice,” Bartlett said. “I genuinely enjoy it.”

Participants also agree that Speed Club is effective for everyone—no matter what sport they play, and that they are willing to help anyone reach your goals.

“The cool thing with speed club is that it is beneficial for all athletes,” Mispelon said. “and at Speed Club we can help you achieve your fastest speed.”