Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year

Haley Grooms, Editor-in-Chief

Every school is full of staff willing to do the absolute most for any student. Among the many at Utica, special education teacher Jeanette Mikula was voted by her colleges as being the best.

“I think I am so lucky to be in the presence of greatness every single day. She works so hard to help her students and co-workers and we are so grateful to have her,” teacher Jaclyn Moore said. “She absolutely deserves this award and is the best co-teacher I could ever ask for.”

After the staff at Utica nominated her as Teacher of the Year, Mikula went on to compete against the teachers who won the same award in the other three schools within the district. Eventually, Mikula was chosen as the Utica Community Schools High School Teacher of the Year.

“We are really thrilled to nominate Ms. Mikula who is honestly amazing. I know she impacts a smaller group of students with being a special education teacher, but if you have ever had an interaction with her, she’s one of the most student-centered people I have ever met,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “She gives up her time frequently for her students. We’re really happy to recognize her work with special education because they can be overlooked despite the important things they do for students.”

Even though her colleges were the ones to nominate Mikula for the award, her students recognize her patience as being a key quality.

“She’s a great teacher all-around. If anyone ever needed a helping hand then she would definitely give it. She will also welcome anyone with open arms,” senior Chelsea Rakes said. “Her patience is her best quality in my opinion. She’s kind and loving to whoever she talks to and deserves every reward that she gets. [Mikula] always pushed me to be the best I can be all three years at Utica, and I will always be grateful for that.”