Staying home and staying safe.

Even though staying home is extremely boring, it is necessary to stay safe.


It seems like there is nothing to do. The same shows keep playing over and over again on the television, sports are replaying old games, and every board game has already been played. With Michigan banning all but essential travel, it feels like all social life outside of the home is coming to a screeching halt.

There are many good things about the order that are overshadowed by the boredom and common want to leave the house. For instance, some families can become closer and learn more things about each other than before. With nowhere to be and nobody but whoever is living in the house to talk to, relationships have the opportunity to flourish. Not to mention, it’s also a really good time to perfect a skill or hobby that one otherwise would not have picked up outside of the quarantine. Some may say that there is too much spare time, but others may think about it as a new way to be creative with their time.

This stay-at-home order was issues for a reason as well. It’s not like the governor wants students out of school or people to become stir crazy at home. There is serious danger in the world and many people are only looking at themselves instead of others when it comes to becoming infected. If one person has the virus or is carrying it, then another can get infected, and then it becomes like a domino effect of infections. It only takes one person to trigger an outbreak.

The worst part about the virus is that people can carry it without even showing symptoms. So one could feel fine, yet walk around and infect the people that they love the most without even realizing. It can be hard to stay away from others, but it would be pretty terrible to infect someone’s grandparents because another person didn’t want to stay home from a gathering.

It’s not like the world is ending for peoples’ social lives either. There are still other ways that people could socialize instead of gathering in person. This generation has just about everything that anyone would ever need to talk to another person without being face-to-face. There is more to lose than there is compared to when one is staying home. Losing a life because someone doesn’t want to FaceTime seems unnecessary. It is understandable that a hug is definitely different than a Skype call, but some things just need to wait until the world is safe again.

Although it may be tempting to leave the house or break the rules set in place by the governor, people need to remember that there is more to do than what many think. There is still a world outside of a phone screen or a computer that is surrounded by nature. Going for a jog, tossing a football, or even going for a bike ride are all allowed as long as people are being safe and social distancing. There is more than people can do than can’t, but it takes motivation to do these activities.

Finding motivation during these times can be hard, especially when the overtone of the pandemic is depressing. People need to stay strong and remember that the sooner people begin to stay home instead of going out, the quicker the order will lift.

People just need to be patient and listen to the instructions provided by the experts. The actions of one person can ruin it for the rest, so everyone has to do their part in staying home. There is no reason besides grocery shopping that one would need to go into public while a pandemic is taking place. For the sake of those who at higher risk, stay home and healthy.