Netflix’s Hollywood sheds light on the struggles of the 1950’s

Netflix’s newest series Hollywood (2020) is sure to be a success and carry a massive following!


Grace Leonardi, Online Reporter


Ryan Murphy strikes again with yet another great show. Netflix’s newest limited series Hollywood follows the story of striving actors, writers and directors struggling in the 1950s but puts a twist on it. Attention to readers, the following paragraphs do contain some spoilers for the show.

Released May 1st 2020, Hollywood introduces aspiring actor Jack Castello (David Corenswet), writer Archie Coleman (Jeremy Pope), director and screenwriter Raymond Ainsley (Darren Criss) and follows them and others on a journey toward equality and hope in a scene of the past.

The boys work for Ernie (Dylan McDermott) at a gas station that doubles as an escort service for the rich and anyone wanting a night of “pleasure”. The goal of our main characters is to make it in the industry in their respective fields. Coleman writes and submits his script of “Peg” (a story about the death of Peg Entwistle) to Ace Pictures, the biggest and only relevant film studio in the show, and gets picked up by up incoming director Ainsley.

In casting for the film, Castello goes up against Rock Hudson (Jake Picking) for the part of the boyfriend as Aisnley’s girlfriend Camille Washington (Laura Harrier) faces daughter of Ace (Rob Reiner) and Avis (Patti LuPone) Amberg Claire (Samara Weaving) for the part of Peg.

Washington proves herself to Ace Pictures casting team Dick Samuels (Joe Mantello) and Ellen Kincaid (Holland Taylor) and gets the role of “Meg”, changing the story from a biography to a parable. Castello gets the role of the boyfriend over Hudson, who is being represented by Henry Wilson (Jim Parsons).

The cast and crew face push back and terrorism while filming “Meg” but push through and create a picture that rewrites the story. Meg is ready to jump off the H of the Hollywood sign when love interest Sam convinces her not to. Meg climbs down into Sam’s arms in an emotional ending to the picture inside the show.

Hollywood gives us a story that sheds light on difficult topics including racism and homophobia. It gives us hope for the future though we already live in a future where these issues are not as big and people are much more accepting. It shows us a wonderful what-if and gives us joy.

Watch the show to find out what happens during and after the production of “Meg”, get involved in the characters lives and take the story to heart. Hollywood rewrites the story bringing fictional characters as well as real life people in history together in a shared dream of fame and success in the industry.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the series though at points certain characters made me angry. They made me cry. This show is a wonderful example of how things could have been. Hollywood is jam-packed with talent and is definitely a worthwhile watch! Watch it alone, or with friends and family. As Corenswet said on an Instagram live, “Moms Love Hollywood”.