Online Learning Being the New Classroom

Joshua Rhodes, Reporter

Almost all students right now are going through the new online style of learning and most of their stances differ from whoever you ask but everyone is learning together. I asked multiple students questions about their experiences and feelings toward the learning curve that is online school.

Sophomore Jenna Zions is team in-person.

“I’d rather do it in person,” Zions said. “because it’s easier for me to focus.”

Not only are some students wishing to go back to the regular classroom but teachers are still trying to learn with the online classes and controls it seems.

Some students, along with teachers, have experienced technical difficulties while in online school most seem to involve poor WI-FI connection. Sophomore Alyxa Sobak is an example of this.

“I’ve had some difficulties with my computer,” Sobak said. “regarding my microphone and WIFI connection.”

Though some were upset about the news of going to online school, others weren’t too bothered. Other first thoughts were concern for how it would go.

“I guess that it would be harder,” Sobak said. “I honestly wasn’t that bothered.”

Based off the quotes there still seems to be some difficulty with adapting to online school even with the virtual academy.

Junior Zoe Gress decided to go with the virtual academy option, rather than Utica High School’s online learning system.

“I go to MST, so I was already enrolled.” Gress said. “If I didn’t do the virtual academy, I would’ve had to dropout.”

However, the virtual academy isn’t too different from regular online school.

“I don’t think there are any big differences.” Gress said. “I don’t have the same teachers as I would have if I went to Utica but other than that, it’s pretty much exactly the same.”

Junior Isabella Hellebuyck enjoys some aspects, but not everything is perfect about virtual academy.

“I like meeting people from the other schools I wouldn’t get to meet other wise.” Hellebuyck said. “I wish the teachers already knew how to work out everything.”

Most students seem to still be leaning towards the option of going back to normal school but it seems some students still enjoy online school.

Some parents have been leaning towards going back to the classroom as well, because some leave the house all day to go to work leaving their child home alone but nonetheless are still grateful for the effort teachers are putting in.

“It’s not going to be perfect,” Lietz said. “but I’m very pleased with where we are! ”