Band: Postponed or Canceled?

Abby Williams, Reporter

The future of the 2020-2021 marching band season is uncertain. The pandemic still has its grip on the globe, and it’s hard enough for families to plan ahead in these troubling times, much less a marching band planning its season. As the year progresses, questions and uncertainties have arisen regarding whether marching band is simply postponed, or if it’ll end up being canceled completely.

Marching band members were recently notified that full band practices will be starting as of September 22nd.

“We got approval from the school district to meet with the whole band because it’s an extension of what we do in our band classes,” band director Brett Bays said. “To be able to teach it effectively, we all need to be together.”

“I think we’ve got to do as much as we can to keep everybody safe.” Bays said. “As long as we do that, I think practices starting back up are a good thing under these unusual circumstances.”

Bays hopes regarding the season’s resurgence are not just his own. Some of the marching band’s members are enthusiastic as well.

“The season has gone well so far, albeit rather chaotic,” sophomore Alaina Wisswell said. “The season is definitely not the same, but it’s the best we can get at a time like this.”

Prior to the announcement that full band practices will commence on September 22nd, marching band consisted of practices that were segregated by instrument sections, as well as different times for each section. The entire marching band has not been able to meet together at all this season, until now.

“I’m excited to go back,” Wisswell said, “because I want to see my friends, and marching band is a really fun experience.”

While full practices have been confirmed, opinions differ on whether they will stay this way throughout the season.

“I think full band practices will stay this way because we only meet once a week,” sophomore Lila Sapiano said. “If someone does catch COVID-19 from the band, they’ll have a week to figure it out.”

The pandemic could cause the marching band season to come crashing down just as quickly as it started up. Regardless of what challenges are thrown their way, the marching band will always keep their heart on fire, and their mind on ice.