Masks: New piece of equipment for teams

Raymond Altmann, Managing Editor

COVID-19 has affected many genres of life, now sports. Football, soccer, and volleyball athletes got a new piece of required equipment to wear: masks. Students have been finding ways of evolving the way the mask are worn and working out with the mask on.

“We have been wearing the masks since June, so I think it is something that the players have become used to and hasn’t had a big impact on practice,” varsity Coach Matthew Marulli said. “The players have been doing a great job of wearing the masks and staying safe at practice, and many on the team have masks that attach to the inside of the facemask to make it easier.”

Above is senior Garrison Nicks with a breathing mask over his football facemask

Athletes on the football team have found a new way around the mask by putting the mask on the facemask of the helmet, helping them breathe easier and not have to worry about spreading COVID-19.

“We do have to wear the mask at all times,” football player Brett Berg said, “but we have masks that attach to our helmets, so they don’t hinder our breathing at all.”

Football isn’t the only sport being affected by this new rule; soccer and volleyball also has to wear mask during practice, as well as during games.

“We have to wear our masks at all times during practice unless we’re getting a drink of water,” soccer player Ethan Smale said. “So far we have had to wear them at all times during our games; I’m hoping that will change soon.”

Players aren’t the only ones having the wear mask; the parents in the stand still have to wear them, too, so everyone will be protected from COVID-19.

Players are allowed to invited two guests to their games for all sports.

“At the soccer game there were a few people taking their mask off when they entered the stands,” principal Thomas Leitz said, “but they were reminded to put them back on and they complied.”

With this new equipment players and parents are getting by finding new ways to wear the mask and how to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.