‘Selfie’ deadline approaches for yearbook

Students asked to submit their own photos

Oliver Gamez, Editor

With every day bringing new unprecedented events to Utica High, the Warrior yearbook staff is collecting students’ photos on their own, instead of using the traditional back-to-school photo service. 

This school year is unlike any other in many ways, but now the Warrior staff has more to worry about; they have to make sure every student submits a photo from home to ensure they have a spot in the yearbook.

“In the end, our portrait pages will look the same as any other yearbook,” senior editor Cassidy Eskew said, “except most pictures won’t be professionally taken.”

Just last week, principal Tom Lietz sent an email out to students and parents with instructions on how to submit their photos and the criteria required. 

“It’ll look a little different than in years past,” principal Thomas Lietz said, “but I’m actually quite excited about it. I think it will be a fun and unique memory for this class.”

Students have been instructed to submit the photo they would like used through a Microsoft forms link, each separated by grade, and with specific criteria it must meet. If a photo doesn’t meet this criteria, they will either have to retake and resubmit, or be put into the “not-pictured” section. 

“I feel that this year, we are choosing the easiest way to go about this,” junior Amiya Bush said. “There should be little to no flaws, and I honestly feel it will go smoothly.’

Even though seniors will still have the option to submit a professional portrait by Dec. 10, they are still required to submit a selfie photo to ensure that every student will have a spot in the yearbook. If a portrait is later submitted, it will replace the selfie.

The deadline for submitting photos is Wednesday, Sept. 30, and every student needs to submit their photo be included in the yearbook using the corresponding link for sophomores, juniors or seniors.