We are skipping Halloween and going straight to Christmas

Is it too early for Christmas?

We are skipping Halloween and going straight to Christmas

Shea Hathcock, Online Reporter

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many families have skipped Halloween altogether and have begun bringing out the trees and garland instead. A favorite holiday of  many, Christmas is now only a month away and some families have already transformed their homes into Christmas wonderlands.

One family that has already decorated for Christmas is the Hathcock’s. Over at the Hathcock’s house, they have been set up for Christmas since October 10th.

“Christmas at our house can get a little crazy,” senior Brooklynn Hathcock said. “There is a lot of time taken up decorating, but it always ends up looking great.”

The reason they set up this early is because their friends from out of town know how crazy their Christmas is, so when they came to visit they wanted to see it all put up.

“My mom takes Christmas decorating to the extreme,” Brooklynn’s older brother, Bobby Hathcock, said, “we have thirteen trees, and my mom is still buying more..”