How Do You Feel About Online VS. In-School Learning?

Alexander Schmidt, Reporter

During these difficult times it’s been touch and go with school. We all know that younger kids tend to have a more difficult time paying attention, therefore Utica Community Schools have been attempting to send the younger grades slowly back, starting with K-1st graders and special needs students.

“Basically they’re kind of doing what we’re doing, except their days are divided into blocks, not weeks,” sophomore Abby Williams said. “Like half the class goes in the morning while the other is online, and then for the afternoon they switch.”

Not often do you hear about the opinions of elementary & Jr. high students. People tend to think that their opinions don’t really matter because what would a kid know right?! Wrong. For those of us that aren’t of those ages anymore don’t typically think like they do, but sometimes it helps us in a sense make decisions.

“I don’t think online school is bad, but I’m not a big fan of it either,” fifth-grader Alie Garrett said. “I’m happy that everyone is safe by doing this but I do admit that it gets boring and lonely from time to time.”