Terror on Tillson street


Simmi Singh, Online Reporter

Spooky season has slowly crept upon us, and with everything going on the season of haunting will for sure be a little different this year.

Tillson Street has been a Halloween hot spot for years, located in Romeo, MI, every year the citizens living on the street decorate their homes with big and scary Halloween decorations to bring in attractors. They call it Terror on Tilson Street.

For decades people from around the state come to see the spooky street, and it makes you question where did it all start from?

The history of Tillson Streets dates back to the 1850s, it’s made up of quaint and small historical houses. It has always been a to-go Halloween destination for the citizens who live in Romeo. Over the years Tilson street has grown bigger and bigger each year attracting more than 20,000 every year.

“Visiting Tillson Street has become a tradition in my family for years now,” senior Ethan Jackson “every year they have cool new attractions and I look forward to going and spending time with my family”.

Being outdoors you have a less chance of catching covid than in an enclosed space like the other spooky attractions. Families all come together with their children and enjoy the spookiness while being able to stay safe and maintain distance from other groups.

They also sell all kinds of merchandise at the event to raise money for local charities, programs, and scholarships. Some scholarships given are high school pay-to-play, the Skills U.S.A. vocational program, the Romeo robotics team, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

“I think it’s amazing how most of their profits go towards charities,” junior Katie Witkowski said,” it shows how the neighbors of Tillson Street care about the community and put in hard work in their displays to help those in need”.

The memories made on this street will last a lifetime, either it is scary memories or funny ones Tilson Street is made for families and friends to come together and enjoy the spirit of Halloween.