Volleyball District Champions


Simmi Singh, Online reporter

Last Thursday night the girl’s volleyball team won districts against Stevenson at Chippewa Valley High School.

The Utica Volleyball team has not won districts since 2008, it is a huge accomplishment for the girls and their coach, Coach Lapratt.

“It was not easy getting to where we are today,” senior Brianna Confer said, “with all of the time and effort the girls put it I definitely feel like all of the hard work was worth it and now we are districts champs for my senior year.”

The game was close with Stevenson winning the first two sets, but the Chieftains fought back at the end winning the last 3 sets. It was a tough comeback for the ladies, but they did not stop fighting for the title.

Sadly they did not win the regional game against Grosse Pointe South at Henry Ford High School. The ladies took Grosse Point to the 5th match with a loss of 14-16.

“It was a devastating loss,” senior Alyssa Jacobs said,” I am still very proud of the girls for fighting for the win and not giving up no matter the score.”

The ladies have ended this year’s regular season with 6 victories and 4 losses. They have been building up this team since summer, going to conditioning camps, and practicing outside due to the rules set in place because of Covid. With all of these changes, they managed to adjust and make sure that they work their hardest this season.