COVID-19 cases on the surge

Kaitlyn Hanna, Reporter

COVID-19 cases have been on the up rise, following the summer season. The United States have been seeing numbers of up to a million reports within a week. Recently many stated have been considering going back into lockdown state to contain the virus better, as an vaccine is in development.

“Literally why can’t people wear their masks?” senior Kathryn Kattoula said, “I feel like we would be far over this virus is people listened to the public and wore their mask and listen to regulations”.

Some say that they are sure we would have been in a better situation if society were listening to the regulations and wore their mask correctly.

“I feel like the cases are going up since the Holidays are all around the corner, considering we have 3 holidays back to back, Halloween, Thanksgiving and most importantly Christmas,” said junior Kimberly Chetosky. “Everyone is going to go see their family and get to together, even if the mayor says otherwise and claims its a terrible idea.”

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year. many are warning to not have large gathering for the Holidays, especially if they know older generations will be present at the gathering.

“I’ve started to not so much as the months go by about the virus, It’s getting annoying to be honest,” sophomore Trevor Essenmacher said, “I just want it to be all over and things to go back to normal.”

Many aren’t caring much anymore about the updates and the well-being of others during the upraise of the cases as many are indeed fed up with having to hear or even know someone who has the virus.

Now that that cases are rising, many are really opiating the lockdown of the cities again.

“I really hope they close things down again,” said sophomore Emily Gornicki, “I feel like that’s the best bet at this point and to continue working on the vaccine.”