MHSAA’s new information due to Coronavirus


Shea Hathcock, Online Reporter

Coronavirus has really took a toll on many athletes lives. Their school sports, travel team tournaments and season- all are getting postponed or cancelled.

However, MHSAA has been trying to keep all it’s players, coaches and spectators safe with their decisions and new rules due to coronavirus.

On MHSAA’s official website, they have many updates and information stating what their plan is for all sports under “Announcements” and “News”.

The newest information that was posted by MHSAA was posted on November, 15th.

MHSAA suspended Fall tournaments and Winter sports due to the increase in coronavirus cases and Governor Whitmer’s announcement stating “..all school sports activities (practices and contests) are suspended effective immediately through at least Dec. 8 or until these new orders are amended.”

“We understand the need for action, and we will explore all options to complete our Fall tournaments when restrictions are lifted. We will assess everything over the next three weeks relative to Fall and Winter sports and come up with a plan that keeps us connected to our goal, for months, of having three seasons that are played to their conclusions.” MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl said.

The ongoing fall tournaments, girls swimming and diving, volleyball and football, have been suspended, but MHSAA is “exploring all options to complete these three remaining Fall tournaments.”

MHSAA is also making decisions and having discussions that need to made to revise athletes Winter sports plans including practices and competitions.

“I was really sad when I heard the announcements because it is my senior year,” Senior Matthew Gaereminck said, “this was like my last time to do what I love.”

Many athletes, especially seniors, were upset when they heard the announcement made by Governor Whitmer on the 15th of November because their season got postponed more than expected and it is making it harder and harder for them to play.