Kaitlyn Hanna, Online Reporter

COVID-19 cases have been on the up rise, leading to many lockdowns of different restaurants, gatherings, or theaters. Lockdowns seem to be necessary now due to the outcome COVID-19 cases once again. Many states like New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont are looking into locking down the state again, as cases are at a high count once again. Many are also extending Mask Orders until December.

“I think this is a good idea, considering there’s so many cases now” sophomore Natalie, Shtorgrin said, “Too many people aren’t listing to orders, I think a lockdown is what we need”.

Many agree due to many not listening to their governors orders, let alone the American Public Health Association orders.

“Most people don’t even wear their masks anymore, I can tell why people are calling for another lockdown. I know my dad doesn’t wear this mask anymore” said junior Anneke Kauppila said, “My entire family continue to wear our masks, but some people are falling on the edge and neglecting their mask.”

Many orders to prevent a lockdown are getting ignored, like the Mask Order. If basic orders like the Mask order are getting ignored, many are worried they’ll be heading back into a state of Lockdown.

“I can’t believe people are looking back into heading into a Lockdown” sophomore Trevor Essenmacher said, “It makes sense, but I dont understand why people can’t listen.”

Many are ignoring orders like wearing a mask correctly, and keeping 6 feet distance between everyone. Many are also ignoring completely to not meet in large gatherings.

Lockdowns are looking to seem the best outcome for everyone who’s looking to stay safe.

“I rather just get put back into a lockdown until a vaccine is in set” sophomore Alexia Issa said, “Too many people just don’t listen”.