Students Face Online or In-person Choice Again


Raymond Altmann, Managing Editor

Student’s were suppose to go back to school on November 16th but sudden rise of Covid-19 case’s have changed everything. But on Friday the 13th Utica Community Schools (UCS) changed their mind about students going to school in-person. With the change of going back to school, UCS offered another chance for students to go back to school or stay online when case’s go down. Principle Thomas Lietz made a video talking about this.

“If you do not complete it, it will default to your previous selection,” said Lietz “And as I said in email yesterday you must make a decision based off of what could happen”

To access this form you would have to go to the Utica Community Schools website. You will have to look for the banner that says ‘Return to School’. On the right side there are dates and you will want to go to November 10th ‘Enrollment Options’ and it will take you to the page explaining the choice’s you and your child has. This is all explain in Leitz’s video.