Clubs continue online during remote learning


Caitlyn Wagner

The French Club met online to play games.

Joshua Rhodes, Reporter

Ever since COVID-19, everyone has been adapting to the new virtual format which is not only limited to school, but also clubs.

“French club will deal with COVID-19 greatly by focusing on creating exciting events to allow students to have fun while stuck at home,” senior Caitlyn Wagner, club president, said. “We will create a safe environment where students can join and feel like their part of a community.”

Junior Alexis Plonka joined French Club for the first time this year.

“I would probably prefer in person,” Plonka said, “because I can’t meet anyone new online.”

Even though in an online climate there still seems to be fun activities that include students.

The debate team is using teams just like all other students now and will continue to use it even if we go back to in person learning.

Teacher Lacie Smith is the coach of the debate club and was able to comment about how debate club will operate this year.

“This year the debate season will be ran completely online,” Smith said, “regardless if we come back to in person learning.”

Most students in the club are still expected to act as if they were in person with one another.

“UCS students have to debate from their homes and are encouraged to dress up,” Smith said, “just the way they would have for a tournament.”

Senior Kirk Rasmussen has joined debate club this year and it will be his third year.

“This is my third year in debate. I miss being in person” Rasmussen said. “because of the social aspect and the adrenalin you get from debating someone in person.”

Nonetheless, debates continue as they use to except in a virtual state.

NHS, like most clubs are going to stay online to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Teacher Linda Kammann is the advisor for the National Honor Society (NHS).

Tutoring will continue for NHS, but some other activities will not be occurring for the time being.

“We are not doing service hours this year,” Kammann said. “We will continue with tutoring, but it will be virtual this year.”

All clubs are still going to have fun activities for students, no matter the virtual setting.