Tennis coach Annmarie Michol wins coaching hall of fame award

Mackenzie Olmstead, Editor In Chief

Sports was undoubtedly different this year with an unprecedented pandemic added to the mix. The tennis season was no exception to that.

Students on the tennis team, like other sports teams in Michigan, wore masks throughout their games and practices, as required by the state.

2020 has been a very different experience with sports for both coaches and team players but that didn’t stop coach Michol and her team from having a successful season.

However, through all the chaos the world has undergone this year, coaches still had a chance to win an honor award for their coaching skills. Tennis coach Annmarie Michol did just that.

“We were in a rebuilding year,” Michol said. “yet we had a rewarding, competitive, successful season.”

The hall of fame award that Michol received, however, is not going to stop her from her hard work.

“I received the hall of fame honor, yet I am still thriving as a coach and trying to make a difference in the lives of my student-athletes.” Michol said. “I continually try to instill the importance of hard work on and off the season and in and out of the classroom. I always put my players first and their accolades and this honor is because every player I coached has brought out the best in me.”

Michol has 28 years of experience coaching tennis and has been the boys and girls tennis coach at Utica High School since 2016.

“It is truly an honor,” Michol said. “to join this prestigious hall of fame with so many other coaches that have either been role models to me or have been successful in building their own sports programs across the state.”

Congratulations coach Michol on the hall of fame honor. Keep up the great work!