Mental health during online school

Ethan Smale, Business Manager

Needless to say, school has been stressful for many people, including myself. I’ve lost most of my motivation to do anything school-related, with little boosts of ambition every once in a while. This is obviously a problem, and it needs to be addressed on a large scale. For now I can tell you about my experience, and hope it can help someone out that can relate to what I’m feeling.

As the school year progresses, it gets harder and harder day by day to get everything done. Even though I know in my mind that I’m getting less homework than I normally would, it feels like it’s being piled on, and I can’t do anything but watch it all stack up.

With this stress overload, it leads me to the point of pretty much giving up. I rarely spend lots of time perfecting my work like I normally would, and am just barely scraping by, somehow able to achieve my ideal grades with the help of my teachers.

One major thing I think should happen, is the school should do more than just tell students what they can do on their own to mentally strengthen themselves. Instead, the school should take some sort of action to help these students.

A cool idea, for example, is a designated half an hour where students have to show up with a counselor. With such a large school population, this couldn’t happen very often, but it would be worth it. It would be just one counselor and one student where the camera must remain on, and the student will just have the option to talk with their counselor about anything they want, with no judgement or criticism.

Another idea for action is to require all students to take part in a wellness activity. I know the school is posting tips and sharing ideas, but it would be so much more beneficial if we had time taken out during our school day to complete them.

There are many ideas out there that could help students, and I hope the school continues to expand the mental health awareness team. We need to strive for more ways to help out people in need of someone to bond with, such as myself, and many others.