Michigan extends restrictions amid rising COVID cases

Students express concerns, hope community follows guidelines


Detroit Free Press/TNS

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer talks about the infrastructure for a new Michigan Connected Corridor on Aug. 13.

Simmi Singh, Online reporter

Restrictions that were put in place by Michigan’s health department have been been extended to Dec. 20. The restrictions were supposed to end on Dec. 8, but due to rising COVID-19 cases and deaths in Michigan, the state decided it was necessary to extend them.

“I believe that this lockdown will help bring our cases down,” senior Bhavin Patel said. “If everyone cooperates and stayed home, the lockdown will be the most effective.”

This has had many impacts on small businesses who may not be financially stable enough to go through another shut down. It has forced small business owners to shut down their restaurants permanently. This is leading the unemployment numbers to rise, and citizens to rely on the unemployment payments to pay their bills.

Bankruptcy within businesses is growing rapidly, with people not going out as much and mostly ordering from online websites the stores that rely on costumers coming in and shopping have been financially struggling.

Some have opened up the idea of curbside pick up, a contactless way of getting what the customer needs while they wait in their car. This allows the customer to keep a safe distance from the employees while getting their necessary shopping completed. For many owners that is not an option and they are now forced to either shut down or stay open hoping that they get some customers coming in.

As the holidays quickly approach Michiganders are wondering how will they be able to celebrate the holidays with their relatives and close family members who live far away. The governor has advised people to stay home for the holidays and not get into large gathering.

“I am really sad I won’t get to see my relatives at Christmas this year,” senior Maryann Hermiz said, “but I understand with the rise of cases it is not the safest to be attending large gatherings.”

Governor Whitmer has been getting a lot of criticism from the public. Citizens claiming that the restrictions will not decrease the numbers, but to help them rise. With people staying in their homes all day they feel the urge to go to other places that are open like malls and retail stores just to cure their boredom. This defeats the whole purpose of the restrictions.

“If people just stay inside for a couple of weeks and quarantine, we might be able to beat this pandemic,” senior Leah Remy said. “It is important that the citizens of Michigan to realize that if they keep going out the disease will spread even more and will be even harder to beat.”

As we continue in these very fatal incoming weeks, health officials say it is our duty to make sure we know that our actions may cause detrimental outcomes. All Michiganders are encouraged to take extra precautions and wear a mask to keep the community safe.