Celebrating the holidays during COVID-19

CDC recommends restricted gatherings

Kaitlyn Hanna, Reporter

COVID-19 has affected many lives and businesses, leading to many favorite restaurants, hangs out and holidays being locked down. Christmas this year has been put on overhaul, as the Center for Disease Control has recommended restricting gatherings to one household.

While restaurants have been closed in Michigan, shoppers are encouraged to shop alone, avoid social get-togethers, and children hoping to see Santa are sharing their lists virtually.

“Christmas is only one time a year; I don’t think it’s fair at all,” sophomore Natalie Shtorgrin said. “I get the pandemic is all, but not celebrating at all isn’t fair.”

I wish people would just wear their masks”

— Senior Mary Hado

Many agree that not being able to celebrate the holidays this year is a bit extreme, but understand they should listen to their state health department’s orders, as well as the CDC’s.

“Most people already been planning and saving for Christmas this year for months ahead, and saved enough money pay for Christmas presents,” senior Tiffany Jagoda said. “My entire family takes Christmas really seriously and uses this time to see afar family members.”

Some students, however, don’t mind the changes, hoping to see a change in COVID-19 numbers.

“I really don’t mind not celebrating Christmas this year,” sophomore Trevor Essenmacher said. “I really just want things to go back to normal, and I’m willing to sacrifice Christmas this year.”

Many are willing to allow this Christmas to let go, has they have left the past holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving go, in order to lower the rise of COVID-19.

“I wish people would just wear their masks,” senior Mary Hado said. “I guarantee if people wore their masks until at least over the summer, COVID-19 wouldn’t have been as big as it is now, and Christmas wouldn’t have to be ruined for us.”

Many believe if people listened to regulations and wore masks, and kept six feet apart at all times, we would of been out of the pandemic by now.