AVID students virtually mentor Eppler students

Kai Dawkins, Reporter

AVID students virtually visited Eppler Junior High to answer questions, offer advice, and mentor younger AVID students.

The meeting took place via Teams on Friday, Dec. 4.

”​I invited former AVID students to talk to my current AVID students to talk about their experiences in the class in junior high and high school,” Eppler AVID teacher Lesley Markus said. “They also helped the current students run their first Socratic Seminar.”

Students didn’t need to prepare for the visit, as they were simply getting to know Eppler’s students and answering their questions.

”I spoke with AVID students because I remember when I was a seventh grader,” sophomore Ashley Adams said, “and I barely knew what Avid was.”

The meeting was very open-ended so the students could lead the conversation where it would be most helpful.

“I gave them a rough outline of what to talk about,” Markus said. “How AVID had helped them, what AVID was like in high school.”

Students broke out into groups for smaller discussions.

“I had a group and we talked about random things and things we liked,” Adams said. “They asked questions like, ‘Is Avid harder in middle school or high school?'”

Markus said the meeting was helpful.

“My current students love to interact with people their own age,” Markus said. “They asked the UHS kids good questions.”

Adams agreed.

“They even said they really enjoyed my presence and answered all their questions,” she said. “I liked being able to meet new people.”