Pandemic Learning

Teachers create remote learning environments to help students succeed

Brooklynn Hathcock, Digital Editor in Chief

After students were sent home in March, they all soon realized that this so-called “cornacation” wasn’t a fun break after all.
Days began to repeat, sleeping in until noon, doing all of your homework last second on Sunday nights- students were stuck at home with nothing else better to do.
During this outbreak, Michigan closed all restaurants, traveling, and parks- on top of that, the Governor of Michigan wanted everyone to stay home and quarantine.
Even though this break from school was dreadful to spend alone, it was also a time to find ourselves.
From coloring our hair, cutting bangs, picking up new hobbies, reading a book for the first time in forever- everyone got the chance to start a new way of living.
TikTok became a big platform during this outbreak, kids would make up dances and trends would start. With gyms being closed down, many started working out at home and starting diets to have a “corona-glow-up”. People showing off their new colored hair, their new organized room, recommending movies to watch, everyone came together and started to make something good out of this bad pandemic.
At the same time, binging shows all day can lead to boredom. At first, it was only two weeks off from school, then it became a month. Then it became 6 months, and now starting school again in September, this time being remote.
Instead of letting students do their work on their own time, staff came up with the idea to have a Teams meeting for every class, having a way to get some interaction with one and another. This way of learning can now keep students on track.
Knowing that they can’t have their students show up to class face-to-face at a certain time, they can do so with holding meetings at a certain time, making attendance required.
This way of learning isn’t too bad, in fact, many students now would rather stay online rather than going back face-to-face.
After having all of this time to get the hang of things, going back seems like too much of a hassle. Getting up early, driving to school at 6 in the morning, going through morning traffic- no chance.
Instead, being able to wake up at a decent time, being able to shower and get ready, opening up your laptop to start school, wearing cozy clothes for the day, being able to go to the bathroom, grabbing any snacks you want, whenever you want- school became less stressful and easier to keep up with.
With high hopes and a positive outlook on what is yet to come, whether it is staying remote or possibly going back face-to-face, students and staff will be greatly prepared.