Among Us

Simmi Singh, Social Media Editor

Among us, a game full of manipulation and deceit. Hitting the app store in 2018, the game has recently been taking over everyone’s phones and computers. It has recently blown up because of a Tik Toks made about the game. Everyone from around the world are tuning in to see what all the hype is about around this game.

The game is a multiplayer game where there is crewmates or impostors. The imposters job is to annihilate all of the crewmates without getting caught. The crewmates job is to do tasks and try to figure out who the imposter or imposters are. There can be more than one imposter each game, no one knows who is who. When an emergency meeting or dead body is found all of the players come together in the chat and try to figure out who to vote who they believe the imposters is. The imposter must use manipulation in order to make them look like a crewmate. When someone is voted off or killed they must still complete their tasks, but cannot participate in the discussions.

Among us has slowly been taking over everyone’s screen time “throughout the day I would just find my playing the game for hours, senior Landon Siatrski said, “last time I checked my screen time I had 3 hours in one day just for Among Us.” With it’s addicting characteristics the game could increase the number of hours that are spent procrastinating on homework. Numerous students claim that Among Us has slowly been getting in the way of their work time. Most saying that once they start a game they cannot stop playing new games for hours. This then can mess with students grades and the amount of sleep they get.

There are colors you can choose from within the game. The color choices expand to red, green, lime green, cyan, blue, orange, white, brown, black, and purple. The colors are used in the games chat in order to narrow down who the killer might be. They use the name of the color to question them of what they were doing at the time of the killing or when the body was formed. Then the group votes on one color to vote out of the game to narrow down the search for the imposter. Some people believe that specific colors are always chosen to be imposter. Like red or white, are believed to be the colors that the game chooses mostly to be the imposter. That is why people are very quick to call out others even if they have no evidence.

Within the game there are different accessories you can dress your little characters to make them more unique and fit to your liking. There are different hats you can get on your characters, “One of my favorite accessory on the game is the knight hat”, said senior Brenda Watha, “It makes the game a lot more fun and makes it feel more designed to my style.” An in-app purchase that you could also get is a mini pet that follows you around while your tasks. These little pets have become more widely purchased as the game grows more popular, the accessories are $2.99 each.

Although it was made in 2018 with the sudden popularity of the game the creators of Among Us have decided to give the app an update to make it more appealing to it’s players. They now have 3 maps that you can choose from, the original map “The Skeld”, larger map “The Poulus”, and lastly one smaller map “The Mira HQ”. All these maps each have a different uniqueness towards them to make it harder and more addicting to it’s players. The favorite map would have to be “The Skeld”, “I enjoy playing on “The Skeld” map because it is easier to navigate through” junior Becca Sierzenga said. “It also has security cameras so I can see who is being suspicious”. Overall Among us has taught problem solving and working as a team to get things done.