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Lakeside opens new drive-in theatre


Movie Magic Lakeside photo

Ethan Smale, Business Manager

With all of the social distancing being required because of COVID-19, the amount of things people can do for fun is limited. There is a constant interest in fun things to do outside of the home, while remaining safe from the virus that’s been spreading for about a year now. One idea for an activity is drive-in movie theatres.
While students may have had to drive quite a distance to visit a drive-in theatre in the past, Lakeside Mall has turned their nearly empty parking lot into a movie destination only minutes away.
Beginning Nov. 20, “Five Weeks of Christmas” began at Movie Magic Lakeside, with movie fans paying $25 per vehicle to attend.
Drive-in movie theatres are just like going to a regular theatre, but you stay in your car and the movie is projected on some sort of wall/screen. It’s an idea that was very common years ago, but has recently been more popular amid the COVID crisis.
“If there is proper social distancing occurring, then I don’t see a reason not to go,” junior Anthony Chirco said. “It’s especially important to support a business that is slowly dying off, like the movie theatre business.”
On opening weekend, the parking area was full, but since everyone was in their cars, it was perfectly safe.
“I thought it was really cool and very appropriate for the current circumstances that we live in today,” senior Dylan Pillivant said. “It was personalized and they gave us popcorn to eat while we watched the movie.”
Even though everyone was safe, people may not find it convenient for their lifestyle, as lots of busy schedules are very common late at night in today’s society.
“I probably wouldn’t go,” senior Colin Van said. “I could just watch it at home.”
Most people are concerned about safety, only willing to go if the proper measures are taken to ensure a minimal chance of getting the virus.
“I would go,” junior Aidan Dillon said. “Only reason being that most places with a high concentration of people have taken precautions such as opening up at half capacity, social distancing and masks.
With more safety regulations being put into place currently, it gives less options for activities to do outside of the house, this makes the movie a safe option for anyone willing to go.
“I would consider going to a drive in movie theater right now,” junior Austin Lamphier said. “Do to the fact we are in the midst of a pandemic, a drive in theater would be the best and safest option for going out with a couple of friends if you wanted to.
Hopefully with proper safety options, this can become a popular activity around the area, and people can enjoy movies with their friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.
“I would definitely go,” junior Alessandro Van Simaeys said. “Because i can stay in my own car and im a simp for Pip Kessen.”
With all this being said, the movie is a way to get out of the house safely to have a good time, and may be a fun activity for movie-lovers. Hopefully many people safely take advantage of this opportunity amid the ongoing COVID-19 virus. Three different movies are available throughout the weekend, with showtimes and ticket sales posted online.