SST benefits Utica students

Aspen Halbhuber, Social Media Editor

Student Support Time, or “SST,” was implemented into Utica students’ schedules the previous month on Nov. 11th. On regular school days, SST happens after first hour at 9:10 and goes on until 9:40. The point of this 30 minute time period is for students to meet up with teachers in classes they need extra help in, or in classes where they have questions about assignments or grades.
SST also gives students the opportunity to have extra time to do homework or study. In addition, on Wednesdays students go to every class and they are each shortened down to 30 minutes so that SST can be for the rest of the school day from 10:45 to 2:15.
On the Utica High website, there is a spot where students can fill out a request form to meet up with teachers of their choice during SST. Students are allowed to make multiple request submissions.
Utica Principal Thomas Lietz hopes that SST will be beneficial in different ways and encourages students to use this time appropriately and in ways that it will most benefit them in school.
“It is our goal that SST will become a very productive way for students and staff to meet for assessment make-ups, study sessions, additional one-on-one, or small group support, or even clubs, and activities,” Lietz said in the morning announcements of Nov. 11th. “These uses are as endless as your creativity to figure out what you wanna do, so please think about that time as your opportunity to get the additional support that you need to make sure you are successful in your academic endeavors.”
Numerous students have found SST beneficial, like Junior Alexis Plonka.
“I think it’s a great way for students who are behind on work to catch up on it,” Plonka said. “and a great way for kids who are caught up on their classes to have a small break before class.”
SST may seem like it’s only about the students, but it has also been very helpful for staff, such as Utica math teacher John See. He believes SST has been good for students and it takes away stress.
“SST has benefitted my students through reducing some of the work which then reduces some of the stress of completing everything,” See said. “I haven’t seen a huge increase in student achievement, however, I have seen a lot more homework assignments turned in which increases their grades. I have also seen more students reaching out for questions and ways to increase their grades. Overall, SST has been a good thing for students.”
It has been shown that students’ adjusted schedules with SST has been academically beneficial for them and gives teachers a way of helping their students individually.