COVID shuts down school and social activities

Joshua Rhodes, Reporter

COVID already has made strict rules and guidelines and recently the Interim Superintendent, Robert Monroe spoke about why school has been shut down.
Governor Gretchen Whitmer also announced a three week lock down for Michigan
“Last week it was clear that an adjustment was needed,” Monroe said, “based on how the growth in COVID 19 was affecting our school communities and our overall district operations”
Lately COVID has been growing and due to that it would be too dangerous to student’s and staff’s health to return back to school.
“The risk level has risen to E,” Monroe said, “the most severe level.”
Due to the risk level for students and staff being so high the board of education has been in contact with the health department.
“I should also mention that we are in constant communication with the Macomb County Health Department,” Monroe said, “as well as educational leaders from throughout the region.”
If the school board remains in contact with the right people and continues to take the right actions then when the time for going back to school occurs staff and students will be safe to operate normally again.
“Returning back to school is based on a gradual process,” Monroe said, “this would allow us to develop health and safety factors and make the necessary adjustments”
Returning to school won’t be easy and it will take some time in order to plan everything out and comply with the new three week lock down.
“In fact last week as we returned,” Monroe said, “a large group the cases doubled.”
Some students like sophomore, Nadeen Rashed were surprised when the plan to return back to school was announced
“I was honestly very shocked and even though I was like excited I had a feeling it wasn’t going to happen because of the cases,” Rashed said, “and I didn’t think it was a good idea because it was going to be hard and near impossible for all those kids to social distance and stay in classes that long.”
A lot of students feel surprised, nervous and excited to return back to school, while some are fearful. For now classes and social activities will have to remain on hold but we should still stay optimistic for the return of school.