New Year, New Me

Students and staff share their New Year’s resolutions

Brooklynn Hathcock, Digital Editor in Chief

We all know that saying, “new year, new me”, but what are people’s resolutions this year?

With the pandemic starting last March, we all were stuck at home for a long period of time, making a lot of people now ready to start the new year and make it better than last year.

“I really want to be more active,” said senior Annie Droelle. “Last year with this pandemic- staying at home, not being able to see my friends, not being able to go out and do things- it made me become a lazy person. I don’t find myself having any fun anymore or going out to do things. I really want to take the time to plan out things to do with my family, plan out to see my friends in a safe way, maybe start to workout more- I just can’t be stuck at home anymore.”

Many students are tired of the online school, it makes them feel so exhausted. From staying in bed all day, sleeping during breaks, not turning on your cameras- this leads students to become more lazy.

“For me, I personally want to set some new goals for myself. My first New Year’s resolution would be that I really want to start reading more, I feel like that with online school, I really started to convert to everything online,” said senior Riley Greenwood. “I miss reading books and taking some time off the screen. I also want to start eating healthier, I want to have a healthy life to have a healthy and good mindset.”

This year will be very interesting, with having a new president coming our way on Jan. 20, COVID-19 vaccinations coming out, face-t0-face learning becoming a plan to happen on Jan. 19- everyone is looking forward to what this new year will bring to us.

“No resolutions. Trying to stick with the healthy habits I’ve started,” Principal Thomas Leitz said. “And maybe drop a few extra pounds put on during the lockdown.”