Headphones required while at-school

Students choose between headphones, air pods

Kai Dawkins, Reporter

As students returned to the school building for the first time since last March, they were encouraged to not only bring their laptops, but headphones, as well.
While some classrooms are equipped with sound systems that will play audio for the students in school and at home at the same time, others were not. This made it impossible for in-school students to listen to audio without headphones.

“I’m going to bring my air pods,” junior Miguel Yousif said. “I like how they have noise cancelation so I can focus on my work in class and they’re easy to use.”

Many students chose to bring air pods because the features they have, like noise cancellation and being wireless.

“When returning to school I will use my air pods,” senior Julien Garcia said, “because they are small, have great battery life and they are comfortable.”

Students are hoping that they aren’t required to use a specific sound device.

“I like to use my earbuds or headphones,” principal Thomas Leitz said, “but students should bring whatever is comfortable for them.”

Headphone preference varied from student to student.

“I will most likely bring my air pods,” junior Michael Dahdah said, “because they are wireless and they’re easier to use.”

Junior Sebastian Culliton will also be using air pods.

“Using air pods in school eliminated feedback from computers,” junior Sebastian Culliton said, “also the air pods allowed me to hear my classmates that were working from home clearly.”

A small variety of kids chose to bring headphones or earbuds because of some of their features, such as having unlimited battery life.

“I’m going to use earbuds,” junior Allison Chunchick said, “reason being with earbuds I can plug them right into my computer and get started also they don’t have a battery limit like other sound devices like Air pods.”