Biden, Harris take office

Simmi Singh, Social Media Editor

Heated emotions surrounded the 2020 presidential election, which ended in a close race between candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. As the world watched the United States count ballots, numbers slowly rose as people anxiously awaited the outcome.
As election day came and went, results were delayed as states counted large amounts of mail-in ballots that had not yet been counted. Since most of these votes were cast for Biden, Republicans saw the Trump lead slipping away.
On Nov. 7, four days after the election, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were called as the projected winners of the 2020 election.
Crowds flooded the streets with happiness and pride as the election results were plastered all over every television in America. Many Biden supporters came out of their homes with masks on, joyfully parading around their neighborhoods. News stations showed footage of strangers dancing with one another, congratulating each other on their victory, while fireworks went off in many different cities and countries.
“It was a very happy day for me,” senior Leah Remy said. “I feel like as a country this heavy weight has been lifted from our shoulders and the nation was united once again.”
That night in Delaware, both the vice president and president elect appeared on an outdoor stage surrounded by citizens in their vehicles. They addressed the nation with televised, unity-themed speeches.
Despite the results, Trump claimed the results were false and wanted a recount, costing the Trump administration millions of dollars to get all of the votes recounted by each state. When all votes were recounted, however, Biden ended up getting more votes than initially totaled.
“I believe that the votes were counted correctly the first time,” senior Bhavin Patel said. “We all knew that the mail-in votes would be the last to be counted, and that they would be mostly democratic.”
On Dec. 12, the electoral college made it official that Joseph R. Biden would be our next president.
Biden’s team began working with the Trump administration to have a smooth transition of power. Biden already had plans ready to fight the COVID pandemic and decrease cases. His plans include mandatory masks on federal property, getting vaccinated, and another shut down in order to get the virus in control. Many people disagreed with the idea of shutting down the country, saying it won’t work because people will still find a way to go out and spread the virus.
Trump announced that he would not attend the inauguration, and that he would go to his home in Florida with his family. Vice President Mike Pence, however, said he would attend.
On Jan. 6, Trump supporters rioted and stormed the capitol, breaking in through windows and doors. Believing the election was rigged and that Trump should have been declared the winner, the angry crowd chanted threats and broke into government officials’ private offices. Later, the FBI would post photos, leading to the arrest of those identified.
Jan. 20, Inauguration day, where Joesph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris will sworn in as the 46th President and 49th Vice President of the United States. History was made as Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first female and person of color to become the Vice President. The day started off at 8 in the morning with Trump’s goodbye ceremony where all of his followers were joined together to hear the President address the nation one last time. As he is making his speech he mentions the success his administration team has had over the past 4 years. Trump states that they will be back in some type of form and then boards Air Force One and takes off to Florida.
At 8:45 am the Harris and Biden family were at a church service at the Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington, D.C. There they sat for a service along their loved ones before the big ceremony. This was a tradition for many years now for the future president to attend a mass at the very same church with their loved ones before their inauguration.
Right after the mass both families arrive at the Capitol’s east front at 10:30 am to get the ceremony started. The ceremony officially started at 11, beginning with an outstanding performance of the National Anthem by Lady Gaga. This is followed by Amanda Gorman, the first ever national youth Poet Laureate, reading a beautiful poem about unity and togetherness among the nation. After the benediction was given by Rev. Silvester Beaman of Episcopal Church in Wilmington, Delaware, and musical performance by Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks.
Kamala D. Harris was sworn in at 11:55 am as the first women and person of color vice president by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Right after, at noon Joesph Biden was sworn in as 46th president of the United States. His wife was holding the family bible as he was being sworn in, it was a very emotional and joyful time. After each one gave their Inaugural speeches and addressed how we should be united as a country and that nothing should separate us.
At 2 pm former presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama and their spouses joined at Arlington National Cemetery for wreath laying of unknown soldiers who have passed away while serving the country. The “Inauguration parade” started at 3:15, but it was not like any other parade Biden had a military escort from 15th street to the White House.
Lastly at 5 pm Biden stepped into the oval office for the first time as a president and signed many executive orders in order to reverse most of Trumps policies bringing democracy back into the nation. This has been a very complicated time with everything going on in our nation , but as we all unite once more we will beat what obstacles come our way. “I am very excited to see what the future holds for our country.” junior Natalie Weir said, “I hope that we are able to recover from this pandemic and are able to go back to normal life pre-COVID.”

“It is really inspiring for me, other women, and young girls across the country to finally see a woman in office. Looking up to Vice President Harris shows women that we are capable of anything we put our minds to.” Senior Ann Droelle

“I am very excited for Joe Biden to be the next president, I feel like the nation is very divided currently and I hope that he can unite the U.S again” Senior Filip Rosic