Superbowl Parties


Simmi Singh, Online reporter

Superbowl Sunday is a huge event that is celebrated all around the country. It is always the first Sunday of February and this year it has fallen on February 7th.

The teams playing are the Kansas City Cheifs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Six-time Superbowl winner Tom Brady versing first-time Superbowl player Patrick Mahone.

This year the annual Superbowl parties will look different, with covid numbers rising people have decided to stay home this year and watch the game in their own homes.

It is important we take precautions in order to keep ourselves and others safe. “My family decided to not host our annual Superbowl party,” senior Isabella Gorgees said, “we had our extended family in a zoom call and all watched the game together while being safe.”

The most important part of a Superbowl Party would have to be the food. There is no good party without good snacks.

Some very popular Superbowl party snacks are chicken wings or pizza, most people like to order out and some like to make it by themselves. “I like to make my own food for Superbowl Sunday”, senior Maryann Hermiz said, “I get to make them with my family and we all bond while watching the game.”

After a very tough game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came out as victors with a score of 31-9. It was a very tough game, but Tom Brady ended the night with his 7th Superbowl ring.

We must make sure to make this Superbowl very covid-friendly and safe. It may look very different this year, but the more cautious we are the fewer cases there will. Then hopefully everything could go back to normal as soon as possible.