Movie theatres are now open, for better or for worse

Oliver Gamez, Editor

Only recently has Governor Whitmer’s restriction on movie theaters finally lifted, and overall the community has shown great appreciation in the freedom.

“I think going back to the theatre to watch movies is perfectly safe as long as it’s socially distanced inside,” sophomore April Alexander said.

Theatre owners and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services have declared the safety measures that are taken will prove effective expect movie goers will soon return to the fullest capacity allowed.

“If the theatres work to ensure people in nonfamily groups stay separated and continue following the pre-selected seating, movie going should once again be a safe experience,” principal Thomas Lietz said.

While many still believe that opening closed public spaces will bring more exposure to sickness, most people are standing by the health department in their decision and are excited to return for new movies.

“If the MDHHS says it’s okay to return,” Lietz said, “then I have full faith that the risk is low and we as a community are safe.”

Others however, believe that even if the health department declares it safe, it simply is not the right time for this level of public exposure.

“The Covid case numbers keep fluctuating,” senior Brooke Budd said. “Opening community spaces back up and then closing down again when numbers get high again just seems premature and predictable.”

Regardless of public opinion, movie theaters across the state are open at limited capacity and popular public touch points have been strategically limited to increase public safety.