Teacher of the Year 2021


Simmi Singh, Online reporter

Every year we award one staff member an award for their excellence and overall amazing work over the year. This is to show appreciation to those who work tirelessly to make sure their students have the best schooling. This year physical education teacher Mrs.Holmes has won the 2021 teacher of the year award.

According to Mr.Lietz, some of the other staff describe Mrs.Holmes as the “hardest working person in the building”, “most organized, passionate, and helpful person on staff” and “very positive and goes above and beyond, not to benefit herself, but others”.

Mrs.Holmes is an amazing role model and leader. Through these hard times, she has worked incredibly hard as a teacher and sports director to make sure that everything runs as smooth as possible and make some normalcy of this very abnormal year.

From arranging and rescheduling sports games to make sure that our teams have a chance to play this year, she has shown us how selfless and caring she is.

We congratulate and thank Mrs.Holmes for all that she has done for the U.