Cameras On vs Cameras Off

Joshua Rhodes, Reporter

Now that we’re more than half way through the year and we go to school both in person and virtually some students think that cameras aren’t important while other students don’t mind.
Teachers believe that cameras should remain on still throughout the meeting. Principal Thomas Lietz had a few comments regarding having students cameras on or off while at home virtual

“Reacting tells me if someone is learning or droning off,” Lietz said “we often forget that 70 percent of what we communicate is not in our words it’s in the way that we say them and what we’re doing with our faces and our bodies”

Having a camera on while learning virtually really helps teachers identify how students are reacting to certain material. Sophomore, Alyxa Sobak is one of the students who prefer to keep their cameras off while learning virtually.

“I really don’t like having my camera on,” Sobak said “it invades privacy for me at leas.”
Many other students can also relate to Sobak where they feel less private now that everyone can see them. “It benefits teachers,” Sobak said “so they can understand or see if we understand what their talking about.”

While Sobak doesn’t like keeping her camera on she acknowledges that it is beneficial to teachers.
“No i don’t think its necessary to have cameras on,” Sobak said “with in person and remote”.
Even though most students understand that it would be beneficial to teachers to keep the cameras on some students still don’t like ti have their cameras on.Some students don’t have any strong feelings towards keeping their cameras on or off.Sophomore, Nadeen Rashed Is a student who doesn’t mind if their camera is on or off

“I don’t really care about keeping it on virtually,” Rashed said “because it helps me become more engaged”Most students can relate with Rashed when she says it helps her stay engaged.
“But when I’m having a bad day or I don’t feel good,” Rashed said “I don’t want to turn it on.”

Students also might be hesitant to turn on their cameras if they are having a bad day too.
Nadeen also agrees that it will benefit teachers if students turn their cameras on.
“Because,” Rahed said “they know they are talking to the students”

“I don’t think the people who go in school have to turn it on but,” Rashed said “I think the people who go virtually do have to still turn it on.” Even though cameras may be an inconvenience to some their still beneficial to teachers.