CARES act provides free breakfast, lunch for students

Ethan Smale, Business manager

With school being back in session, it’s important that students understand what kind of food is going to be available to them, and how they will be able to get the food while following the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.
“It’s going to be a lot simpler and more efficient,” principal Tom Lietz said. “This will hopefully eliminate all of the issues that we would have that weren’t considered issues before.”
Luckily for students, the school has made sure the distribution of food is safe, making the students stay distanced the entire time they are waiting in line.
“It will be very similar to the past,” principal Tom Lietz said. “Except we will have line-ups and six feet distancing put into place.”
The school is also making it clear that there will be multiple options for students in line, primarily to give options to people with allergies, but also to make sure people are happy with the food they are getting.
“There will be a much more limited option for students,” principal Tom Lietz said. “They will have three options, one is non-allergenic, they will have a vegetarian option, and a meat option.”
While these are some good concerns to be resolved, people are still concerned about other issues that will be a problem while eating.
“Im not sure how well everything in the lunch room is gonna work,” junior Antonio Capelj said. “With everyone spaced out it wont be fun, and with everyone not wearing masks it could also be pretty dangerous.
Sitting in the lunchroom could be a problem with everyone having their masks off, in an enclosed area, so the handling of that could be bad for some people.
The school has lots of regulations put in place to keep the students safe which is a good thing to do. Hopefully the rules put into place are enforced and this limits the amount of covid cases that will happen within the lunchroom.
The main three meals you will get will be pizza, cheesburgers, and asian bowls. This is not as many options as the school would normally have, but because it is paid for, it limits the options as the school didnt decide what to purchase. These lunches are available during all of the students lunch hours. The school hopes this system will work for everyone.