Swim Gets the green light also

Brooklynn Hathcock, Digital Editor-in-Chief


With Coronavirus causing a delay to many sports this year, swim is taking all of the protocols very seriously to keep their season up and going.
“The season is going pretty good so far, the whole team is being really safe with all of their actions and I do belive that we can finish this whole season,” said senior Zachary Gillespie. “Before practices and meets, we all have to indivudually take our temperatures and self screen, going through all of the symptoms for COVID, making sure that we aren’t spreading the virus.”
Lots of changes were brought into their season this year, one of which is the use of masks.
Masks are a big deal now in today’s world of sports. Athletes are making many accomodatations and changes to the way that they go about training, practicing, and playing in games or meets.
Despite these changes, these swimmers, and as well as other athletes, are having a positive attitude towards the masks. They are willing to make any change if that meant that they could keep their season.
“When we show up to a practice or meet, we have to keep our masks on up until the point that we go into the pools,” said sophomore Michael Greene. “I feel very safe when I’m with my team or when we have meets, every single swimmer takes this protocol seriously and I really think that we are all being as safe as we can be. Plus, it’s not just our team, all the other schools that we have meets with are just as safe as we are. Everyone is getting used to COVID, like now instead of fighting the masks, we all want to wear them to keep doing the things we love.”
When swimmers get into the pool, the way that socially distancing stays in place is by making sure that all swimmers stay in their own lane all throughout the duration of being in the water.
The team has had no postitive cases this season so far, but with keeping up with the protocols and respecting the new rules- swimmers will most likely have no pushbacks in their season.
“I have always loved swimming, and this year I think we have a really solid team,” said Gillespie. “We are all doing really good so far. Nobody has had to take time off to quarantine, there is one hundred percent attendance at practices, and we kill it at our meets. This is a strong group of guys we have this year- even with what COVID has thrown at us, we all are working through it and the outcomes so far have been amazing.”
All the boys on the swim team can agree that they all take each and every precaution that they can in order to keep swimming.
“We are all doing so well so far,” said sophomore Cole Belisle. “I know that we all can finish this season out strong.”