Students react negatively to school starting earlier

Riley Davey, Reporter

Students at Utica High School don’t seem too happy about some changes regarding when school starts. At Utica High School, school now starts five minutes earlier, going from 7:20am to 7:15am. This change happened in 2021-2022 and it has caused some minor distress among students.

“I don’t like it,” junior Mark Kachachi said, “because I have to wake up earlier and I can’t pay attention in class.”

Some students have the opinion that it is inconvenient for school to start earlier.

“It is pointless,” senior Joseph Cunningham said about the change.

Some students fail to see the point of school starting earlier. Certain students think it is pointless and to them it makes no sense to start school earlier when there are no noticeable benefits.

The new changes are not very popular amongst some students.

“It was a terrible idea,” senior Jackson Everaert said. “Waking up earlier kinda sucks.”

There are students who don’t mind the new changes and think it is not a big deal.

“I don’t really mind,” senior Riley Augustitus said. “There are worse things in the world.”

At Utica, the new changes are not being received well and are generally met with annoyance. Students don’t think it is a necessary change when there are no noticeable improvements. The new changes seem to be very inconvenient for some people.