UHS talent show returns

John Adkins, Reporter

“This is an opportunity,” senior Gabe Timmins said.

Putting on a production this year will be a step in a different direction, compared to last year when the show was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead of the normal spring time show, however, the theatre department decided to switch it up and showcase student talents in October, instead of the spring.

“If it was done in February or March,” teacher Joel Kazmarczyk said, “then the yearbook might not be able to cover it.”

Auditions were held on Oct. 25, with a technical run-through on Oct. 28 to prepare acts for the stage.

“I went to the talent show my sophomore year and the acts were very interesting to watch,” senior Makenna Tribula said, “so I’m excited for this year’s.”

Students all over the school are getting excited to see each other on stage doing what they love and having fun.

For junior Lauren Daiek, the talent show is not only an opportunity for each individual on stage, but an opportunity for the whole school.

“There’s a good chance that it will be fun,” Daiek said, “but I just hope that people will actually try.”

The talent show was originally scheduled to take place on Friday, Oct. 29, but was postponed due to football playoffs. The new date is set for Thursday, Nov. 4, and tickets are available at the door.