Choir concert returns

Demetri O, Reporter

As if the week before Christmas couldn’t get any better, it certainly has.

On Wednesday, Dec. 15, the first concert at Utica High School with the new choir teacher will be taking place as the Christmas season rolls by.

The choir concert will take place in the auditorium at approximately 7 PM with the concert being entirely free to watch.

The choir kids will be performing Christmas songs for their winter concert the week before Christmas break and show their talents once again as they did just recently at the talent show back in October.

The choir students have been working hard to make their upcoming concert perfect.

“Our rehearsals start with warm-ups and stretching before we get into singing,” sophomore Melody Gagne said. “We prepare by separating into our sections so altos, sopranos, and baritones to learn our notes and lyrics.”

“Rehearsals look like our normal class period,” senior Ashlynn Gazaway said. “We do our warmups, hype ourselves up, and run through our dances making sure everything is clean and smooth.”

“I feel excited for the concert, I believe that this will really help the choir to grow to become more and more of a family,” Gazaway said, “since that is what we are. A large, loving family.”

Aside from the excitement for the concert, there are also concerns on whether it will happen or not depending on the current COVID-19 spike.

“I haven’t heard about other schools cancelling, but we also haven’t had Mrs. T there since the Friday before break so we haven’t really got any updates on what’s been happening with other schools,” Gagne said. “It does make me a little nervous to think that we put in all of this work just for it to get cancelled.”

Some believe that even if things go back to online and if the concert doesn’t happen, it’s for the health and safety of everybody else.

“I am worried that this will get cancelled,” Gazaway said. “I worry about a lot of things regarding Covid-19 and things going back to online, but I know that we will all do what we need to do to make sure that we stay safe and healthy.”

The songs that the choir kids will be performing for the concert are: White Christmas, Snow, Sisters, All The Good Things Happen When You’re Dancing, Count Your Blessings, Carol of The Bells, and a sea shanty, The Wellerman, written around 1860-1870 in New Zealand.

If you’re looking for something fun to do after school before the holidays and the upcoming break, the choir concert will take place in the auditorium and be free to watch and enjoy.