Tennis season wraps up for boys

Juan Avalos, Reporter

Tennis season wrapped up for the boy, ending with a record of overall 5 wins 6 losses and 1 tie.

Standout athletes included senior Om Bidja and juniors Nathan Berger and Austin Lemerise.

The boys varsity tennis ended this year with a great season. these are some  of the standout players this year and what they had to say about this years season and how they think it went.

Berger earned some awards after the season for the most improved, MVP and the all league award.

“It was tough that we had to think that this was our last year with our coach,” Berger said, “but I see a bright future for our team but our season went very well overall this year we were all very supportive and just a great time this year.”

Another outstanding player this year was Bidja, who won the coaches award after the season.

“This season went awesome our team was very supportive and uplifting through out the whole season every game,” Bidja said. “It was my favorite season out of the three years I played tennis for the schoo,l and a great way to end off our season this year,”

Another outstanding player this season was Lemerise, ending the season with the most dedicated award.

“This season went well,” Lemerise said. “We all played very well together we had a good amount of wins and we all had a good time and just overall a supportive team.”

Even though this was the boys last year playing with their well-respected coach, they said they had an amazing season and they couldn’t be more happy with their results.