New parking lot rules implemented


Madison Ratcliff

New “Turn RIght Only” signs were installed this year for those leaving at the north exit.

Madison Ratcliff, Reporter

While all students were able to obtain a free parking pass last year due to COVID, this year students needed to apply and pay a fee. This wasn’t the only change, however.

Parents dropping off their students found that the north entrance is “turn right only” during peak traffic.

“Traffic is actually moving better than it ever has,” Shelby Township liaison officer Leslie Heisler said.

“Turning the exit into right turn only at the end of the day has really cut down on our accidents and problems.”

While vehicles can enter via 21 Mile Road or the north entrance, exiting is a new change for some.

“You’ll have to be patient and come early if you’re dropping off,” principal Tom Lietz said in an email. “If you wait until 7:15, your student will be late as you won’t be able to get into the lot. Please plan accordingly.”

There was also a change for pick up.

“Parents CANNOT enter the north entrance after 1:30,” Lietz said in his email. “That entrance is an exit only as buses line up.”

New signs where added to alert drivers to these tew parking rules, and students were notified that they must follow guidelines to be able to park.

“The parking lot clears at least ten minutes quicker than it did before,” Lietz said.

Students driving must have obtained a parking pass.

“If you’re driving without a pass, you will forfeit you right to get a pass,” Lietz said. “Please don’t do that.”

Drivers completed a form to obtain a pass, and a map was given to show students where they were allowed to park. Students are NOT able to park in the faculty parking lot, Wiley Elementary School, visitors area, and any other unauthorized areas.

Students with attendance issues, including tardiness, or discipline problems may not be issued a permit.
Additional rules include a speed limit not to exceed 10 mph in the parking lot, careless/reckless driving is prohibited, and excess noise will not be tolerated.

Once they arrive, students must lock their cars and go into the building. They will not be able to return to their cars in any part of the day.